Pine City Bus Service

Pine City Bus Service Philosophy
Each and every student is entitled to a safe and orderly ride to and from school each day. Minnesota state law states that transportation by school bus is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate or unsafe behavior could result in the loss of this privilege.
You can help your child have a great start to every school day by talking to them about appropriate behavior at the bus stop. It is important for parents to know that school supervision of (and responsibility for) students begins when students board the school bus—not while they are waiting at the bus stop. If you are having trouble with behavior issues at the bus stop, you are encouraged to accompany your child to the bus stop and/or notify the police. We also ask that you notify your child's school so the administrators are aware of any behavior problems.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!  Make sure your address changes and request for transportation are in before August 15.  After that it may take up to 5 days to get scheduled on a bus.  We want to get every student started as soon as possible but bus changes can take time to make.  We try during the school year to get them done within 3 business days or sooner.
Happy riding from Pine City Bus Service! We are looking forward to a safe and enjoyable school year together! 

Warm Regards,
Trisha Dunks
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