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budget fiscal year 22 - 23

Annual Budget

The Pine City Public Schools begins its budgeting process around the first of each year with the final budget being approved at the June school board meeting each year. This process is coordinated by the Superintendent and Business Manager with input from administrative, teaching, and classified staff. Once complete, the budget summary will be reported in the Pine City Pioneer. A more detailed summary of the budget is attached below.

Budget Slides for FY21 Revised and FY22 Preliminary Budget

Budget Podcast for FY21 Revised and FY22 Preliminary Budget

Revised FY21 Budget Summary

Preliminary FY22 Budget Summary

School Finance

Minnesota school finance is complex. This informational video provides a high level explanation of how it works. 

Want more information? check out this Financing Education in Minnesota Guide.

Annual Audit

Per state statute, an annual audit will be conducted each fall to compare budgeted revenues and expenditures to actual amounts.  A copy of the most recently completed audit is attached here in .pdf format.

Financial Statements - Feb. 14, 2022

Management Report - Feb. 14, 2022

Audit Presentation - Feb. 14, 2022 

Local Property Taxes

The Pine City School District has an excess operating levy in place. This levy is vital to the quality of programs we provide for our students. Excess operating levies, which are in place for a majority of Minnesota public schools, are voter approved tax levies which are usually 10 years in length. 

Truth In Taxation Hearing for Taxes Payable 2024


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